Cells for Materials and Materials for Cells

Fermentation & Biocatalysis

  • Production of building blocks for polymers with bacteria using synthetic biology
  • Production of high added-value molecules, enzymes and nanomaterials
  • Development of novel bacterial and fungal culture strategies

Antifouling & Antimicrobial

  • Development of novel antifouling agents and strategies (non-toxic)
  • Testing: anti-biofilm, anti-algal, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal


  • Physico-chemical characterisation of biomass-derived biopolymers (polysaccharides, lignin, proteins)
  • Identification, extraction, fractioning and development of applications for high added-value molecules
  • Use of environmentally friendly catalysis to transform biomass into fermentation friendly substrate or into simple and/or bio-sourced materials
  • Development of tailor made approaches for bioactive oligosaccharides production


Scientific Leader