Electrochemical Coatings

Electrochemical coatings is an important field of activity in Materia Nova : from electroplating to anodization Materia Nova develops new coatings and electrolyte formulations for several applications and offers support and services to the industry : plating and characterization facilities for testing and small production, consultancy and troubleshooting


  • Protection of metals against wear and corrosion
  • Decorative coatings
  • Sensors
  • Black coatings for absorbers


  • Formulation of environment-friendly electrolytes for metal plating
  • Formulation of cyanide-free electrolyte for batch and continuous silver electroplating
  • Development of hard chromium coating from trivalent chromium electrolytes
  • Plating facilities : plates (up to A4) and small pieces (barrel) of technical coatings or precious metals
  • Expertise in aluminium anodization : coating parameter optimization, coloration, alternative sealing process (sol gel)
  • Precious metal plating : development and application of post-treatment for increased lifetime with conservation of the aspect.
  • Characterization platform : chemical analysis, morphology and structure, interaction with environment, durability


Mireille Poelman
Program Leader

Publications / Patents

[1] A.-F.Kanta, M.Poelman, A.Decroly “Electrochemical characterisation of TiO2 nanotube array photoanodes for dye-sensitized solar cell application” Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 133(2015)76–81

[2] V.R. Capelossi, M. Poelman, I. Recloux, R.P.B. Hernandez, H.G. de Melo, M.G. Olivier “Corrosion protection of clad 2024 aluminum alloy anodized in tartaric-sulfuric acid bath and protected with hybrid sol–gel coating” Electrochimica Acta 124 (2014) 69-79