Advanced Materials & Solutions for Energy Applications

Our philosophy and core-competences :

  • Management of energy processes by developping advanced materials (metals, semiconductors and insulators as glass, polymers or ceramics)
  • Durable opto-thermal, Opto-electronical functionalizing coatings (nm to µm) of 2D rigid flat, flexible substrates but also on 3D core-shell powders for bulk compositesNEW
  • Demonstration with devices prepared at lab. and pilot scale levels to face the industrial technical and economical requirements. Advanced characterization methods (I-V, conversion efficiency, optical performance …).
  • Material and systems advanced calculations and modelling.

Application of our technologies :

  • Energy Control : Development of advanced optical materials for improving the energy efficiency (heating/cooling) of buildings, automotive or appliances applications
    • Passive technologies : selective optical coating filters (AR, VIS/IR filtering for thermal management), super black optical absorbers.
    • Active technologies : coatings for the highly sensitive optical detection of COV or biological species based on plasmonic effectsNEW


  • Energy Conversion for Harvesting (low energy densities) :
    • PV GEN II : Solar cells based on CZTS solar absorbers with no critical/toxic elements, innovation in manufacturing process with dry processes.
    • PV GEN III : Solar cells based on organic semiconductors based on small molecules/conjugated polymers and perovskites absorbersNEW with wet and dry processes.
    • Free thermal energy recoveryNEW : Printed electrical connexions for Thermoelectric devices
    • High temperature Solar Thermal AbsorbersNEW : advanced optical charges and sol gel matrix for future fiber-reinforced ceramics.


  • Energy Storage :
    • Electricity to Chemical fuel storage : Conversion of pollutants to hydrogen energy vector with by Plasma technologies.
    • Thin films for (transparent) batteriesNEW : efficient Li-ion transparent batteries for smart windows applications.


  • Energy Conversion :
    • (O)LED innovative devices : Solid-State technologies for producing large area lighting sources on several substrates (glass, metals, polymers, textile).
    • PEMFC components : low cost corrosion protection of metallic (bi-)polar plates for proton-exchange membrane fuel cells.
    • BIORGEL : development of new class of bio-sourced organic / hybrid semiconductors for sustainable (no toxic, no critical material) for preparing future OLED, displays, OPV or direct water splitting devices.


Fabrizio Maseri
Program Leader