Materia Nova Strategy

To ensure their growth, businesses develop new products, directly brought about by technological innovations, on an ongoing basis. These innovations are the fruit of long years of research led by the university sphere. Strengthened by its internationally-recognised expertise, the University of Mons has created Materia Nova, a unique-in-Europe research and development centre.

Our strategy ? The development of innovative materials.

Materia Nova has the task of leading specialised studies mainly on behalf of large entreprises and of encouraging the transfer of technologies between the world of basic research and the industrial world.

Materia Nova also generates value at the heart of the local economic fabric by these actions.

In order to accomplish the challenges that are asked of it, Materia Nova relies on its own capacities: an internal team of globally-recognised scientific experts. Materia Nova works in close relationship with university partners and research centres based both in Belgium and abroad. This open and collaborative approach offers Materia Nova an undeniable potential in terms of scientific and strategic resources. Testing the industrial feasibility of solutions developed for its business clients is, of course, indispensable.

From now on, Materia Nova is offering Transfer of Technologies services, particularly through its operational entities: IONICS, specialising in the treatment of surfaces, and NANO4, expert in nano materials.

This technological transfer and these pre-industrialisation services allow large businesses to test in a concrete way, but on a reduced scale, solutions emerging from research before deploying them on an industrial level. This is good news for the smallest companies who make up the local economic fabric. They profit from the latest technological advances and can more easily differentiate themselves by modulating, specialising or expanding their offer in products and services.

Through its central position as a scientific expert specialising in materials, Materia Nova has become a key player. Thanks to it, innovative businesses can fully exploit the potential offered by the world of research.

Today, Materia Nova is:

  • an internal core of almost 100 recognised scientists and close collaborations with more than 300 external specialists
  • works published worldwide
  • a flexible and agile organisation capable of meeting real challenges
  • a unique localisation at the centre of Europe
  • a Belgian and international clientele which is among the largest operators in the industrial world.