Multifunctional Surfaces

Protective coatings

Materia Nova develops and applies thin coatings to increase the durability of several materials (metals, plastics, painted materials, etc) for a large field of application

  • Corrosion protection
  • Barrier effect (gas, water, etc) for food packaging
  • Wear and scratch resistance
  • High temperature applications
  • UV resistance

Aesthetics and cleanliness

Thin invisible layers to maintain and improve surface aesthetics, aspect and cleanliness

  • Self-cleaning
  • Easy-to-clean, anti-finger print
  • Anti-dirtying and Anti-graffiti
  • Thin colored layers (interferencial coloration,   transparent colored films, etc) for decorative  purposes
  • Anti-microbial transparent coatings for domestic or   medical applications
  • Anti-fouling

Chemically active coatings

Sensitive and active layers for

  • Sensors (gas detection)
  • Depollution


Mireille Poelman
Program Leader
Fabian Renaux
Program Leader