Jean Sebastien Belle
Jean Sebastien Belle Managing administrator - IMBC
Philippe Dubois
Philippe Dubois Rector of the University of Mons
Philippe Dubois
Philippe Dubois Scientific Director
Michel Beguin
Michel Beguin President of IONICS
Jean-Christophe Bogaert
Jean-Christophe Bogaert Chief Strategy Officer - Cybelle SA
Jacques Crahay
Jacques Crahay CEO - Cosucra
Laurence Denis
Laurence Denis Director, Head R&D - UCB Pharma
Pierre Dehombreux
Pierre Dehombreux Dean of the Faculty of Engineering - University of Mons
Oltea Murariu
Oltea Murariu Technician
Marius Murariu
Marius Murariu Researcher
Roberto Lazzaroni
Roberto Lazzaroni Scientific Director
Marc Van Den Neste
Marc Van Den Neste CTO Building and Industrial - AGC
Michel Coulon
Michel Coulon Administrator - University of Mons
Cedric Deherripon R&D Manager - Vandeputte Oleochemicals
Rudy Wattiez
Rudy Wattiez
Marjorie Olivier
Marjorie Olivier Scientific Director
Jean Crahay CEO - JEMA
Patrick Di Stefano
Patrick Di Stefano Technology Transfer Office - Université libre de Bruxelles
Elodie Claverie
Elodie Claverie Biologist
Julie Passion
Julie Passion Technician
Marie-Eve Druart
Marie-Eve Druart Researcher
Jerôme Collin
Jerôme Collin Research assistant
Celine Bruni
Celine Bruni Research assistant
David Moerman
David Moerman Researcher
Soumaya Lafqir
Soumaya Lafqir Research assistant
Thomas Josse
Thomas Josse Researcher
Tim Schouw
Tim Schouw Research assistant
Frédéric Haase Business Development Manager
Pierre Vandermies Business Development Manager
Martine Bouvet
Martine Bouvet Sales and Marketing Manager
Ariane Descamps
Ariane Descamps R&D Assistant
Lara Decamps
Lara Decamps R&D Assistant
Antoniya Toncheva
Antoniya Toncheva R&D Scientist
Steffi Friedrichs
Steffi Friedrichs Business Development Manager
Li Wang
Li Wang R&D Scientist
Loan Terrien
Loan Terrien R&D Scientist
David Fratta
David Fratta Technical support & Infrastructure