Plasma technologies

Materia Nova CHIPS departement has developed plasma technologies to modify the surface of materials. This powerful technology can develop new solutions for direct industrial applications. Materia Nova is specialized in the development of technological solutions for creating new surface properties through thin film deposition, decoration with nano-domains, ion implantation, grafting of chemical functions, structuration of the surface and cleaning. To achieve such challenges Materia Nova CHIPS departement develops also new process like tailored treatment reactor or new power supply.


  • Surface Hardening (ceramic, metal, polymer) to increase resistance against friction and fatigue for machinery, gears,  anti-friction bearings, anti-scratch surface
  • polymer and ceramic doping for anti-static applications
  • Interface diffusion for improvement of coating adhesion and diffusion resistance in connectics application
  • Colored (hard) coating for decorative building application and jewellery
  • Enhanced corrosion protection of metal for use in severe conditions
  • Wear and abrasion protection coating for tools lifetime increase
  • Non and conductive coating for electrical application
  • Optical coating for mirrors, filters (active or passive), absorber and Low-E application
  • Coating with controlled surface energy value for hydrophobic or hydrophilic materials
  • Powder functionnalization to enhance catalytic activity
  • Coating of powder for 3D printing application
  • Powder treatment coating before fritting to bring new properties (color, functionnalities) and improvement of the fritting process itself.
  • Depolution of effluent (gases, liquids), abatment of dangerous gases fr environemental apllications
  • Gas reforming for synthesis of high added value chemicals
  • Synthesis of nanoparticles in liquid phase


  • Deposition of thin films by PVD (metal, nitride, carbide, oxides) and PECVD (organic and hybrid coating)
  • Ion implantation by micro-accelerator technology
  • Surface treatment by atmospheric plasma torch
  • Gas reforming by plasma
  • Plasma induced liquid chemistry
  • Liquid modification by plasma
  • Development of optical coatings
  • Development of customized power supply for plasma generation (HiPIMS, bi-polar Pulsed)
  • Development of customized reactor for particular plasma treatment


Thomas Godfroid
Scientific Leader

Publications / Patents

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