Multimode 8 microscope in inert atmosphere

Updated equipment with a Nanoscope V controller for topographic imaging, local investigation of mechanical (scanning modes: Contact, Friction, Tapping and Peak Force Tapping (PFT)) and electrical properties (conductive AFM and Peak Force TUNA). Additional electronic instrumentation: SPECS (Nanonis) with Non-Contact, Contact Resonant, Frequency Modulated AFM, Dual Frequency Resonant Tracking, Piezoelectric Force Microcopy (PFM), Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM) modes. Conditioning in inert gas and coupled to an ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) chamber for the local study of material properties under modulated chemical reactions.


  • Complete platform for: Morphological and mechanical properties of surfaces: Topography, standard roughness and film thickness measurements, Diversity of materials without size or thickness limits + Mapping of adhesion, deformation and dissipation properties simultaneously with topography. Determination of local Young's modulus. Electrical properties and charge transport mechanisms of (semi)conductive materials: local mapping of electric current, resistance, work function and surface potential. High electrical spatial resolution. Sensitivity of current measurements < 100fA. Measurements performed in controlled environment. Intelligent measurements: Controlled environment: liquids or inert gases, temperature control of the sample. Possible integration of new SPM modes