The technology developed by Materia Nova consists of vacuum plasma deposition capable of coating powders (ranging in size from a micron to several millimeters) or small parts in bulk using a rotating barrel system. This "cold" technology has the advantage of treating any type of substrate that cannot heat up above 50°C (metals, polymers, ceramics). It also deposits materials with very varied chemical compositions such as metals and their ceramic compounds (oxides, nitrides, carbides, etc.) as well as polymers. The deposits made range from a few dozens of nanometers to micrometers. The composition of the deposit and therefore of the powder after treatment can be finely adjusted to suit the end user's requirements. Moreover, if it is possible to make "nanostructures" in order to optimize the specific surface of the particles, it is also possible to make a deposit covering perfectly the surface of each grain constituting the powder (formation of a "core-shell"). The applications of this technology are various in fields such as technical (for example  conductive) adhesives, catalysis, composite materials, sintering, thermal projection, additive manufacturing, etc