Insulating coatings make it possible to limit the flow of electric current. Conductive or semi-conductive coatings, on the other hand, provide additional electrical conduction properties.

The aim is to adapt the electrical conduction state of surfaces and to optimize the electrical conduction in the bulk of the materials.

Various applications (EMI shielding), conductive surfaces (electrodes), charge dissipation, antistatic surfaces, dust suppression...

Our strengths

  • Our wide range of surface deposition processes allows us :
  • To adapt the state of electrical conduction of surfaces (sheet resistance (Rs ) on several scales of magnitude with alloys, hybrid materials, MeOx, metallic nanoparticles, carbon materials, organic semiconductors, post-oxidation conductivity, metallization of dielectrics (polymers, ceramics, etc.).
  • To optimize the conduction of materials in the bulk.
  • A complete electrical characterization platform from macro to nano scale (4 peaks, Hall effect, C-AFM, KPFM, impedance spectroscopy).