Electrochromic device

Materia Nova offers electrochromic devices for applications such as "intelligent windows", automotive glazing...

Electrochromism allows the passage from a transparent state to a semi-transparent state through the application of an electric field. This technology consumes very little electricity because the tinting remains unchanged once the current is switched off.

It contributes to a significant reduction in thermal exchanges and consequently in electricity consumption.

Our strengths

  • Expertise in the development of polymer electrochromic semiconductors, oxides.
  • Design of active and aesthetically pleasing electrochromic surfaces that change colour by application of an electric field.
  • Expertise and flexibility in deposition techniques.
  • Device manufacturing and performance characterization.
  • Development of chemical or biological sensors.
  • Design and structuring for aesthetic applications.
  • Application on various substrates: flexible (plastic), conformable, glass,...

Our projects for this technology

Our sectors of application for this technology