Piezoelectric and Thermoelectric Devices

The term piezoelectricity and thermoelectricity refers to the property of certain bodies to become electrically polarized (generate an electric field or potential) under the action of mechanical (Piezo) or thermal (Thermo) stress.

Piezoelectric or thermoelectric materials make it possible to meet our growing energy needs. They can, in fact, recover any mechanical energy (vibration, pressure, etc.) or thermal energy by transforming it into electrical energy (or vice versa) for various applications (harvesters, sensors, etc.).

Our strengths :

  • Solvent-free manufacture of piezo and thermoelectric materials.
  • Dry and wet deposition of organic and inorganic semiconductors (MeOx).
  • Manufacture of hybrid complex layer stacks based on these materials by thermal sublimation with control of the alignment of the electronic levels.
  • Control of layer doping by co-evaporation.

Our solutions for this technology

Our projects for this technology