A bio-molecule or biological molecule is a constituent of living organisms (oligosaccharides...). They can therefore be obtained via extraction from biomass (plants, etc.) or via targeted production by micro-organisms, two activities offered by Materia Nova.

On the one hand, Materia Nova uses these bioprocesses (bacteria, algae and/or fungi) to produce molecules of interest, on a lab scale and in larger volumes. With a view to circular economy, the processes are mostly initiated with effluents that are not or only slightly valorized. The bioprocesses are therefore optimized according to the inputs and products to be generated.

On the other hand, Materia Nova uses extraction techniques on biomass in order to obtain biomolecules. These include surfactants, enzymes, nanomaterials, building blocks or additives for materials, pectin or polysaccharides.

Our strengths :

  • Laboratories dedicated to the extraction and separation of substances of interest.
  • Chemical laboratories dedicated to the chemical modification of additives.
  • Complete biological and physico-chemical characterization platform, for bioprocesses but also for the molecules produced, including HPLC, sequencer, GC MS, structural and thermal characterization... in order to evaluate their potential interest.
  • Deep expertise in microbiology, analysis and use of environmental and synthetic communities and single species.
  • Climatic chambers allowing numerous bio-assays / bio-tests to be carried out under controlled conditions (temperature, humidity, light...), on cell suspensions or seedlings.