Atmospheric plasma torch deposition

Materia Nova has developed, in collaboration with IONICS, microwave plasma torches which allow the generation of plasma outside the torch directly in contact with the substrate to be treated.

  • This gives the technology several advantages over conventional torches.
  • Surface etching using ions and electrons for cleaning and surface preparation (before coating).
  • Direct deposition of materials at atmospheric pressure from the powders of these materials.
  • Deposition of materials from chemical precursors.
  • Reduction of operational costs (gas, energy).

The combined action of radicals and charged species in the plasma allows the elimination of organic pollution but also the functionalization of surfaces by grafting various chemical functions. This method is therefore particularly effective in controlling the wettability of surfaces or their chemical affinity. These methods of plasma torch deposition are nowadays also used for the destruction of biological organisms on the surface of materials allowing dry and cold sterilization.

Our strengths :

  • Customized system construction, deposition from precursors or directly by powder fusion.