Materia Nova offers you a complete range of services to support you in the development and industrialization of new technological solutions.

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    Customized product development

    Materia Nova develops tailor-made products that can respond to societal and environmental needs, changes and challenges.

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  • Engineering and industrialization

    To ensure technology transfer to the new materials market, Materia Nova has extended its services to the design and optimization of implementation processes and production equipment.

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  • Project management

    Materia Nova offers tailor-made support to ensure the feasibility and success of industrial projects.

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  • Analysis and characterization

    More than just material analysis, we offer tailor-made solutions.

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  • Life cycle thinking

    Materia Nova helps you to improve your environmental footprint and to communicate on this approach and its results by avoiding the pitfalls of greenwashing, analyzing your products and solutions from a life cycle, eco-design and circular economy perspective.

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