Materia Nova's Sustainable Energy Sector is founded on four key technological pillars:
1. Clean Energy Production: Our focus lies in the advancement of materials and processes essential for generating decarbonated useful forms of energy (e.g. bio-CH4, H2, NH3), as well as heat and electricity production technologies.
2. Innovative Functional Materials for Storage & Transport: We specialize in the creation of innovative materials such as coatings and nanocomposite polymers designed for efficient transportation and storage of energy. This encompasses both electricity and H2, featuring special carbon-based electrodes, H2 barriers, and more.
3. Energy Management: Leveraging our rich history, we bring unparalleled expertise in developing surface treatments (both dry and wet) for the preparation of functional materials crucial for converting energy from one form to another. This includes PV technologies, optothermal coatings, polar plates for elevated temperatures, and active materials for sensors.
4. Physical Integration in Energy Communities: Our commitment extends beyond technological innovation to the seamless integration of processes within future energy communities. Through initiatives like ILES and TRL7 Plug&Test, we ensure the practical, real-world application of sustainable energy solutions.

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