Bioenergy here includes the production of electricity, biogas and biofuels by microbial means. The use of micro-organisms makes it possible to offer promising alternative solutions, even if the developments are recent. Examples include bacterial or enzymatic bio-batteries, the production of "bioenergy carriers" which can be chemically transformed into biofuels, direct biogas production...

In particular, this approach makes it possible to make the most of resources that have so far been little or not used and thus make the process more competitive.

Materia Nova optimizes microbial bioprocesses for the production of bioenergy via different methods:

- Production of building blocks for fuel.
- Production of electricity using a depollution process (BioElectrochemical System, GREENER project) in collaboration with the University of Surrey and LEITAT.
- Production of molecules of interest for energy applications.
- Hybrid material-cell technology to optimize the conditions of bioprocesses linked to energy production (bio-electrodes for example).
- Strategies for bio-stimulation and bio-enhancement for biomethanization and valorization of biomethanization waste

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