Catalytic conversion of CO2 in Synthons and e-fuels

In terms of greenhouse gas reduction, the capture and recovery of CO2 is one of the most active lines of research. Materia Nova proposes two approaches to this end: the use of plasma and bioprocesses. On the one hand, Materia Nova is therefore working on the conversion of CO2 captured in synthons by plasma: the fundamental idea is to "activate" the CO2 by the plasma in an energy-efficient way to recover it in the form of synthons for the chemical industry. The process will be supported by new performant and cheaper plasma catalysts, which will improve the activation of CO2 and/or will direct the recombination reactions into synthons.

On the other hand, Materia Nova also offers CO2 recovery by bioprocesses, thus using CO2 in order to produce biomolecules such as synthons, additives.

These synthons can be used as building blocks for the synthesis of materials and in this case reduce dependence on fossil resources. They can also be used in fuel and e-fuel industries.

Our Strenghts :

  • Broad expertise in plasma and catalytic plasma reforming.
  • Laboratories dedicated to chemical synthesis.
  • Expertise and equipment dedicated to bioprocess developments.
  • State-of-the-art equipment in terms of biological, chemical and physico-chemical characterization.
  • Expertise in polymer chemistry and particularly in NIPUs.