Life cycle thinking

Materia Nova helps you to improve your environmental footprint and to communicate on this approach and its results by avoiding the pitfalls of greenwashing, analyzing your products and solutions from a life cycle, eco-design and circular economy perspective.


Life cycle assessment allows you to quantify the environmental performance of your products and services according to standardized and scientifically recognized methods and to compare it with market alternatives.

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As part of an eco-design approach, develop or improve eco-responsible products by favouring low-impact technologies in a systemic life-cycle perspective.

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Through eco-design strategies and using indicators provided by LCA (life cycle analysis), you will be able to develop and manage improvement plans with quantified and measurable targets.

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By communicating on life cycle thinking and your LCA study results, you will be able to meet the expectations of your customers and investors, engage in constructive dialogue with your suppliers and federate your staff.

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Materia Nova offers a series of adaptable training courses to enable all company players (management, HR, R&D, purchasing, marketing, production, etc.) to understand the challenges and advantages of life cycle thinking.

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Chèques technologiques

The center is approved to assist companies within the framework of the “company cheques” scheme, which allows for 50% of the costs to be covered.

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