Life Cycle Thinking


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Through its expertise in LCA, Materia Nova has all the skills required to complete an EPD. Achieving this EPD has many benefits for business owners and producers alike, yet these benefits are not always familiar to the people who stand to gain the most.

In summary, an EPD is a document that presents the environmental impacts of a product in a concise and standardized format. Always verified by a third party and based on life cycle analysis (LCA) practices, carrying out an EPD of your assets creates value for the company.

Internally, gaining environmental knowledge across the entire value chain can reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your processes. Externally, EPDs help distinguish your company from the competition and increase your product visibility, while preventing customers from learning about your company's commitment to sustainability.

Materia Nova also offers a legal report annexed to the EPD in order to allow you to better understand the results obtained and to identify areas for improvement over the entire life cycle of your product.

Critical review

In order to garanty the scientific and technical quality of an LCA study, the resulst can be submitted to a critical review (required by the standards in case the results are disclosed to the public). Materia Nova can step in as an independent expert in this process to review and validate the studies carried on by a third party, in accordance to the ISO-14044 and ISO-14071 standards.