Materia Nova ensures the transfer of technology between fundamental research and industry.

Our vision

Open to the world, we innovate and unite for a sustainable future, promoting social cohesion and territorial integration.

Our values

Materia Nova's values have been defined and approved by all employees in order to best correspond to the expectations and aspirations of each individual on a daily basis.



Team spirit



Our organization

Since 2010, our team has been trying to integrate meaning into R&D activities, in particular by activating three levers: creative intelligence, contextual intelligence and collective intelligence. Although still a long way from a bicameral system, the decision-making structure is relatively horizontal and very shared: decisions are taken in circles or working groups, in which everyone is welcome.

This allows employees to question their own ethics in their daily work or in the design and implementation of a research project.

The team has also decided to base its “raison d'être” on the pleasure of collectively advancing our world. Since January 2020, employees have been invited to project themselves into 2050 to accelerate the transition to a more inclusive and welcoming world for future generations. Based on readings by ancient and contemporary philosophers and sociologists, the discussion and debate feed small concrete actions and large projects.

Our team

The multidisciplinarity and creativity of our teams provide you with much more than just cutting-edge scientific and technical expertise. We explore new opportunities with real strategic innovations. We take great pleasure in taking up your challenges and doing our job every day !

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Our collaborative development approach

Our ecosystem

In very close relationship with the University of Mons and with research centers based in Belgium and abroad, Materia Nova has an incomparable potential in terms of scientific and strategic resources.

Materia Nova is positioned as a technology transfer accelerator between the world of fundamental research and the industrial world. "Our services" and "Our technologies.



The ability and competence to create HUBS and startups. Thanks to its operational subsidiaries: IONICS, specialized in surface treatment and ESIX in sol-gels, Materia Nova enables companies to test the solutions resulting from research on a small scale before deploying them on an industrial scale. The ability to develop strong partnerships and unique, tailor-made solutions, taking into account their industrial reality.

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