Analysis and characterization

More than just material analysis, we offer tailor-made solutions.

A complete offer of analyses

Observing and measuring the properties of materials, surfaces and interfaces:

Physical chemistry of surfaces

Surface morphology

Wear resistance

Ageing / corrosion

Crystallographic structures

Electrical measurements

Optical properties

Anti-bacterial properties

Thermo-mechanical properties

Fire resistance

Discover our complete offer of analysis

A support adapted to your needs

More than just material analysis, we offer tailor-made solutions

A multi-disciplinary team familiar with the problems of industry and used to working with all types of materials: glass, polymers, ceramics, metals, paints, etc.

A vast pool of cutting-edge equipment.

Responsiveness and response time fitting the industrial reality.

Access to technology vouchers and regional or European subsidies.

A support up to the solution

An efficient diagnosis

Identifying the nature of the failure and proposing solutions

Identification of contamination

Corrosion problem

Material failure

Abnormal wear

Adhesion problem

Visual defect

Our Case studies

Here are some practical examples of how we have solved the problems of our customers.

Our case studies

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Chèques technologiques

The center is approved to assist companies within the framework of the “company cheques” scheme, which allows for 50% of the costs to be covered.

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