Our solutions

  • Low toxicity materials and processes

    Discover our solutions in response to regulations, real alternatives to dangerous chemicals, manufacturing processes with low carbon emissions and low environmental impact.

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  • High performance Materials and Surfaces

    Discover our multifunctional material and surface solutions to achieve exceptional performance: less energy-consuming, more resistant to extreme conditions, more economical, more qualitative.

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  • Materials and Processes for Energy and decarbonization

    Discover our solutions to accelerate the energy transition: production, conversion, storage and transport of renewable and clean energy, efficient integration into energy systems.

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  • détergents verts

    Circular materials

    Solutions to reduce resource consumption and increase autonomy: biosourced, biodegradable materials, materials and gas recycling processes, water and air purification, eco services -design, measurement of environmental impact and circularity diagnosis.

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  • Intelligent and advanced materials and processes

    Discover our secure and agile solutions, integrating the most recent digital developments: materials and treatments for additive manufacturing, sensors, intelligent materials, etc.

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  • Materials and processes for enhanced health

    Discover our solutions to improve well-being and prevent health risks: diagnosis, controlled release of drugs, implants and prostheses, prevention against bacterial and viral risks, etc.

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