Engineering and industrialization

To ensure technology transfer to the new materials market, Materia Nova has extended its services to the design and optimization of implementation processes and production equipment.

Optimized processes

For a successful transfer, it is necessary to ensure that the formula developed can be industrialized and meet cost and performance requirements. In most cases, production equipment and specifications (operating modes) already exist. Materia Nova offers the validation and optimization of these industrial processes in its pilot laboratories and industrial tools (in collaboration with its subsidiaries: IONICS, specialized in dry surface treatments, ESIX in sol-gels and NANO4, expert in granule production and nanomaterials).

New equipment

In recent years, Materia Nova has demonstrated its skills in the design of new equipment for the implementation of innovative materials. For example low pressure plasma coating equipment for multi-faceted surface treatment (tubes, powders, balls, spare parts), equipment combining plasma and pyrolysis for the chemical conversion of gases, ion implantation systems for the functionalization of materials, etc.

In recent years, Materia Nova has expanded its services to include small-scale production, equipment design and production process optimization in order to ensure the transfer of technology to the market.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and efficient processes allow us to carry out prototypes and small-scale industrial production to validate a concept before starting the industrialization phase.

We can also rely on the resources and skills of our subsidiaries IONICS (leader in plasma surface treatment and ion implantation) and NANO4 (expert in nanomaterials and compound production), Esix specialized in the application of ceramic coatings by sol-gel process) or in our network of partners.

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