Life Cycle Thinking


"Cradle-to-gate" LCA studies

We draw up an inventory of your life cycle products and services from the extraction of raw materials to marketing, in line with the ISO 14040 or PEF standards.

Thanks to the calculated indicators and their detailed analysis, you can identify optimization lines for your footprint, position your products with regards to the market or provide EPD.

"Cradle-to-grave" LCA studies

The complete life cycle of your products and services will be analyzed, also taking into account the phases of use and end-of-life treatment, in accordance with the ISO 14040 or PEF standards.

Comparisons with market alternatives, with equivalent functionality, will be possible.


On the basis of the life cycle inventory, the calculation of environmental impacts with scientifically approved methods will allowp you to create an eco-profile for your products and services (contribution to climate change in kg CO2 eq., use of resources, water footprint...)

Environmental labeling

The calculated impacts in line with the PEF can be used for environmental labeling for consumer goods.