Characterization and optimization of bioprocesses

Definition and objectives:

  • The development of bioprocesses requires close monitoring of the process parameters as well as the degraded and/or produced molecules. This characterization also enables the bioprocesses to be optimized in order to improve the yield and production costs but also to adapt the associated pre- and post-treatments.
  • The bioprocess-related characterization proposed by Materia Nova covers the evaluation of living organisms (bacterial growth, metagenomics, presence of genes, enzymatic and metabolic activity, etc.), the physico-chemical properties of the process (pH, temperature, oxygen, nutrients, etc.) as well as the quantification and characterization of biomolecules and co-products.

Our strengths :

  • Experience in bacterial cultures and ability to measure and control important parameters.
  • Expertise in the evaluation of the biostimulant activity of molecules
  • Control of the characterization of micro-organisms used in bioprocesses via qPCR, sequencing, metagenomics.
  • Equipment and expertise in the characterization and quantification of biomolecules in order to be able to adapt the conditions of the bioprocess and/or downstream process.

Our projects for this technology