• Start of the project : 01-10-15
  • End of project : 31-12-21


The BIOMAT research project is part of the cluster of ERDF 2014-2020 “Low Carbon Footprint Materials” projects on the valorization of natural resources for the manufacture of new materials of bio-sourced origin. This includes the use of biomass to manufacture basic monomeric building bricks that will be used for the synthesis of polymer materials and for the development of natural (nano)reinforcements.

The objectives of the studies carried out at Materia Nova mainly concern the development of building bricks made from non-recycled plant resources (biobricks), using intensified production, extraction and processing methods that reduce the carbon footprint. Its ambition is to create a new sector and platform in the Walloon Region around biosourced polymer materials, to characterize the products and compare them to their oil-sourced equivalents in terms of properties and carbon footprint, by carrying out life cycle analyses.


Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

Within the consortium, Materia Nova carries out various tasks:

Task 1. Extraction and characterization of renewable plant resources using green processes

Task 2. Development of bio-based polymer materials using green processes

Task 3. Additivation/modification of (bio)polymers from natural by-products

Task 4: Extrapolation of (bio)monomer/(bio)polymer production to pilot scale

Task 5: Valorisation of research results

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