Whether they are of renewable or fossil origin, bioplastics may or may not be biodegradable. Their end of life does not depend on their origins. These materials can be natural or synthetic, produced by chemical or biological processes.

Our strengths

  • Materia Nova is able to cover all stages of development of these biomaterials. From the extraction and development of bio-building blocks to the development of the biopolymer, its chemical modification and formulation.
  • Platform for chemical, physicochemical characterizaton, structural, thermal and mechanical properties.
  • Biotechnology laboratory for the production and extraction of biomolecules (precursors and/or additives).
  • Equipment adapted to the modification of polymers by reactive process in reactors and extruders.
  • We modify biopolymers to facilitate their transformation and adapt their properties to the final applications (water resistance, fire resistance, etc.).
  • Improving the water resistance of biopolymers such as starch or cellulose.