Biodegradable materials

A material is said to be biodegradable if it has the capacity to be degraded by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae.


Plastic packaging and bags are among the first applications of biodegradable bioplastics. Materia Nova is active in the development of custom biodegradable polymer materials, meeting specific technical specifications and given degradation conditions (pH, temperature, humidity, presence of micro-organisms). These new materials are produced either by chemical or biological processes, aimed at the synthesis of new monomers or polymers, or by chemical modification of natural or commercially available biopolymers, or even by compounding.


  • Materia Nova is able to cover all stages of development of these materials. From the development (from a few grams to a few kilograms) to the preparation of the monomers, to the development and choice of the appropriate catalytic system and to the control of the polymerisation, while being accompanied by an analysis of the efficiency of the biodegradation in different substrates (compost, soil, water). Materia Nova offers its services to assist in the development of your biodegradable molecules and materials via standardised tests (e.g. ISO 13975) but also via customised tests.
  • Materia Nova has all the necessary implementation and experimental techniques to carry out these developments.