Chemical modification of (bio)polymer

In some cases, the properties of (bio)polymers do not meet the technical specifications of the target applications and the additive method (extrusion) does not allow this gap to be bridged. It therefore becomes necessary to chemically modify these (bio)polymers, by grafting or chain extension for example, in order to adapt their properties (water resistance, foamability, increased ductility, etc.).

Materia Nova has solid expertise in the development of customized (bio)polymers. The properties of these (bio)polymers can be optimized and improved according to the specifications provided by the partner, either by reactive or additive means.

Materia Nova is also actively working on the subject of the end-of-life of these materials. Indeed, the materials are designed to be biodegraded or recycled and we have facilities to study the degradation and their impact on the environment. Thanks to its range of structural, thermal, morphological, mechanical, biodegradation, bio-resorption and fire analyses and characterizations, Materia Nova is able to cover the entire development chain for composites with one or more properties.

Thanks to its equipment platform, Materia Nova can characterize the properties of the Polymers developed to ensure that they meet the specifications of its customers.