ecological shoe soles


Start date: 01/05/2022
End date: 11/31/2022

Thanks to a helping hand from the Walloon Region and its WIN4expertise program, Battiste Deiana, young entrepreneur graduated from Ichec, and manager of the company HOOF-TECH, collaborated with Materia Nova for the development of a trail sole and hiking trail made from biomaterial.

Each year, some 5 million tonnes of hair waste, sheep wool scraps and even feathers containing keratin are not really recovered.

The Role of Materia Nova:

  • Analyze potential sources of supply,
  • Chemical extraction of keratin according to different protocols,
  • Extrusion (vulcanization of natural rubber and incorporation of keratin),
  • Development of thermoplastic material/thermosets.
  • Test different composition of the biopolymer (proportions of keratin) and specify the relevance of the use and dosage of keratin in this product.

This product is not only bio-inspired, but it also recycles waste, and the soles produced from it are potentially recyclable or biodegradable.

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