Barrier (waterproof or permeability)

Barrier films or coatings provide high-performance sealing or permeability properties to fluids, gases (O2, H2....), steam or contaminants (dust, mould and bacteria). They are often used in the health sector, food packaging and for the encapsulation of flexible optoelectronic devices.

We find the right balance between barrier film performance, cost and recyclability on the one hand, and other end-use properties such as transparency, flexibility, non-toxicity, temperature resistance on the other hand....

Our strengths

  • Multidisciplinary approach associating polymer layers with nanoparticles, getters and scavengers, dense metal oxide layers.
  • Search for mono-material solutions to reduce costs and optimize recyclability.
  • Adaptation of the surface of the nanoparticles to the nature of the polymer to improve their dispersion in the material.
  • Use of hybrid organic-inorganic thin films.
  • Preparation of nanocomposites and films by extrusion, blowing and calandering.