Corrosion is the phenomenon whereby a metal or alloy oxidizes as a result of an attack or interaction with its environment. Different ways exist to protect metals from corrosion depending on the type of substrate and the final application.

Our strengths

  • Numerous barrier coating solutions using various deposition processes that can be adapted (metallic, organic paint, thin mineral layer, etc.) depending on the industrial application, the substrate and the complexity of the part to be treated.
  • Wide range of substrates already studied and/or protected (steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminium...). Knowledge of the impact of the morphology, composition and metallurgical process on the corrosion phenomenon.
  • Extensive expertise in the evaluation of anti-corrosion performance on metallic and coated substrates using standardized accelerated ageing methods and global and local electrochemical methods, modulated according to the problem to be solved or the targeted application.
  • Important interaction with the University of Mons (metallurgy and materials science departments) for the understanding of corrosion or protection mechanisms.
  • Development of tailor-made methodologies to evaluate the anti-corrosion properties of a system and/or to understand the mechanisms involved and the environmental impact according to the final application of the product.
  • Thanks to these strengths, Materia Nova is positioned as the expert partner for the implementation of adapted corrosion studies or the development of protection systems.