• Start of the project : 01-01-09
  • End of project : 31-12-15


Development of a new process

The Clearzinc project aimed to develop a new system for treating steel against corrosion without applying a zinc layer. The considered approach to guarantee lasting steel protection is to combine a surface treatment based on protective oxides (silica, titanate or other metals) with corrosion inhibitor tanks incorporated during the treatment and in a highly cross-linked organic coating. The incorporation of the tanks in the protective layers is quite innovative and provides a high number of corrosion inhibitors in places where their presence is indispensable, such as at the level of scratches or damage, where the exposed metal can therefore be protected.


Objectives and missions of Materia Nova:

Within the consortium, Materia Nova will develop inhibitor tanks for steel protection.

Different types of tanks have been developed based on cationic and anionic clays. These tanks have been incorporated into different types of matrices and have shown very promising results in terms of enhancing anti-corrosion properties. The expertise acquired can be valorised through the development of new paint or hybrid formulations.

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