Catalytic properties

Catalysis is a process that makes it possible to modify chemical kinetics by lowering the energy barrier to be crossed and makes it possible to improve operating conditions (increasing the speed at which a chemical reaction occurs or, sometimes, favouring one reaction over another).

Materia Nova offers its expertise for:

  • The development of tailor-made catalysts for the conversion or destruction of VOCs.
  • The modification of catalysts for the creation of defects or reaction sites.
  • Modifications of catalysts to change their operating range (change in light absorption, change in operating temperature, etc.).
  • Dry decoration of powders with metals or ceramics for the manufacture of customized catalysts.


  • PVD/PECVD deposition on all types of substrates (flat, powder, pipe).
  • Control of the chemistry and size of catalytic sites by PVD / PECVD.
  • Development or modification of catalysts to facilitate their integration into real systems.

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