Fire safety is a major concern. Regulations try to improve fire safety by looking at the properties of materials, among others: their fire reaction (propensity to feed a fire and to release smoke) and  fire resistance (ability to withstand flames and thus delay the spread of the fire).

Materia Nova has developed expertise in materials with improved fire resistance at an acceptable cost while preserving functional properties.

Our strengths

  • All stages of development are carried out at Materia Nova, from the preparation of formulations (from a few dozen grams to a few kilograms) to the evaluation of their resistance to fire (heat release using a calorimeter cone, measurement of smoke opacity, oxygen limit index, UL-94), and the characterization of their functional properties (mechanical, thermal, thermomechanical and morphological).
  • Optimization of RF systems or development of new flame retardants.
  • Improvement of fire resistance by additive (addition of flame retardants), chemical (polymer modification) and surface modification.

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