Resistance to friction, wear and tear, impact, scratch resistance

Surface modification by adding a coating aims at improving a material's resistance to wear, shocks and scratches or at controlling the coefficient of friction. The aim is generally to increase the lifetime of materials, to preserve their aesthetics or to control the anti-seize or anti-adhesion properties. The choice of surface treatment will be made according to the type of wear or resistance required and according to the level of performance required.

Our strengths

  • Development of tailor-made solutions according to industrial specifications.
  • Study and characterization of wear and tear type and mechanisms.
  • Adaptation of the treatment process to the geometries and constraints of the substrates.
  • Development of alternatives to hard chromium plating with metal alloys (NiW, NiCr, NiP).
  • Incorporation of lubricating fillers (PTFE, hBN, MoS2) in a metal matrix by electrochemical means.
  • Inorganic (nitride, carbide), organic or hybrid (WC:CH) customized PVD and PECVD deposition.
  • Surface modification by ion implantation (hardening, doping).
  • Combination of surface treatment processes (dry and wet) for the development of high-performance solutions.