Surface cleanliness (easy to clean, self-cleaning, anti-dirt, anti-fingerprint)

By playing on the topography (roughness, structuring, etc.) or on the surface chemistry, it is possible to modulate the hydrophilic/phobic, oleophilic/phobic character and the wetting and sliding properties.

This modulation makes it possible to obtain surfaces that are "always clean" or easy to clean. Graffiti, fingerprints, dirt or polluting elements have less space to cling to this type of surface.

Our strengths

  • Expertise in the development of coatings fitting all types of soiling.
  • High flexibility in the choice of application processes for applying self-cleaning surfaces on a wide range of substrates, parts with complex geometries for various industrial sectors (aeronautics, railways, construction, etc.).
  • Set of equipment for characterizing the surface properties and wettability of coatings. Specific use and testing, qualitative evaluation of surface fouling.
  • Carrying out anti-graffiti tests based on the NF F31-112 standard.