The ATLAS project, “Alternative TechnoLogies for improved Anticorrosion Solutions”, concerns the development of new ZnFe based sacrificial systems, which have a high iron content and are free of CMR compounds (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic).

Through the ATLAS project, carried out by the IRT M2P in partnership with a consortium of 18 industrial and 3 academic partners, the objective is to continue the R&D work that was initiated as part of the IZAC project (development of an innovative process free of CMR compounds for the development of sacrificial systems dedicated to fasteners, and more particularly automotive fasteners), addressing a much larger industrial field to meet the needs of various applications in addition to fasteners, such as structural parts, parts with variable and complex geometry...

The stated objectives of the ATLAS project are to develop new electrolytic coatings based on ZnFe:

- Which meet the specifications of the various project principals;

- Which are respectful of human health and the environment;

- Which make it possible to provide new properties via surface functionalization.


Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

Within the consortium, Materia Nova is responsible for the development of sol-gel solutions for connector applications.

A proposal from IRT M2P

The Institut de Recherche Technologique Matériaux Métallurgie et Procédés (IRT M2P) has put its expertise, its equipment and its network of academic laboratories at the service of industrial R&D projects. M2P’s industrial pilots also enable the faster development of products and processes in an environment that is representative of the constraints of partner companies. The pooling of developments between industrialists from different sectors of activity also accelerates the maturation of innovations via M2P. The range of technologies and platforms are available to all manufacturers through customized services, industrial R&D projects or multi-partner projects with private/public co-financing. M2P resources are also available for vocational training.

Fields of expertise: Materials & Processes - Surface Treatments & Coatings – Mechanical Surface Treatments – Thermal & Thermochemical Treatments – Advanced Foundry – Life Cycle Assessment & Recycling – Metal Powders – Organic Matrix Composite Materials – Multi-Material Mechanical Assemblies – Analyses & Characterization.

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