Environmental impact & monitoring

In order to improve the protection of human health and the environment, some companies make a deliberate choice to implement a responsible strategy. For others, it is the regulatory constraint that pushes them to measure their impact on the environment, to modify their process or product.

Materia Nova is developing new materials / molecules that enable industrialists to keep up with this changing legislation by developing alternative products and materials or by measuring environmental impact. To do this, we assess their degradation in the environment as well as their ecotoxicity on plants, worms and bacterial communities.

These analyses thus enable you to orient your developments in order to limit these harmful impacts on the environment and to provide an action plan.

Our strengths

  • A scientifically proven methodology (Life cycle thinking and eco-design).
  • Diagnostic and detection technologies (sensors).
  • Customized biodegradation tests or via standards.
  • Ecotoxicity tests on bacteria, worms or plants.

Our sectors of application for this solution

Our technologies for this solution