• Start of the project : 01-11-19
  • End of project : 31-10-22


Development of specific volatile organic compound sensors for food processing applications.

The present project aims to develop new sensors based on the analysis of anomaly indicator gases allowing specific and rapid detection. This is an innovative technology different from the solutions developed in industrial gas detectors or in conventional electronic noses.

Within the framework of this project, we have chosen 2 contexts to develop sensor demonstrators based on the detection of marker volatile organic compounds: the detection of boar taint in not castrated pigs in slaughterhouses and the detection of mycotoxins at cereal reception (contamination by Fusarium graminearum on soft wheat).

The deliverables expected at the end of the project are two sensor demonstrators adapted 1) to the detection of boar taint in slaughterhouses and 2) to the detection of mycotoxins at cereal reception.


Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

Within the consortium, Materia Nova is carrying out the development, characterization and laboratory qualification of sensitive sensor elements in collaboration with UMONS.

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