détergents verts


Materia Nova accompanies you in the development of biotechnological and probiotic detergents. These detergents are ecological, natural and environmentally friendly. This type of ecological cleaning is an alternative to the usual chemical products.

The process combines an ecological and high-performance detergent formula with enzymes or bacteria that are harmless and naturally present in the environment.

The innovative approach of biotechnological or probiotic cleaners is to deposit enzymes or bacteria at the time of cleaning that will either

  • Devour organic materials or dirt.
  • Colonise the surface and protect it from invasion by undesirable microorganisms.

Biotechnological or probiotic surface cleaners reduce the environmental impact of cleaning. The formulas developed in this way will meet Ecocert or European Ecolabel requirements (performances in use comparable or even superior to European reference targets and validated by AFNOR Certification) and/or CSR label "Cleanly committed".


  • Scientifically measure detergent performance according to customised protocols, current standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Develop or redevelop eco-responsible products by favouring clean technologies.
  • Compare the performance of different enzymes, probiotic microorganisms on the materials, pathogens or dirt to be removed in order to select the most effective ones.
  • Determine and optimise their culture conditions.