Functional (bio-additives)

Bio-additives are molecules added to a matrix of (bio)polymers or coatings to give them specific properties. These high-performance bio-based additives help to reduce the consumption of fossil resources and support the creation of value chain cycles.

The bio-additives developed by Materia Nova have the following functionalities:

− Biobased flame retardants
− High-performance thermosetting resins
− Antifouling and anti-microbial agents
− Surfactant properties
− Molecules with bio-stimulating properties

Our strengths

  • Laboratories dedicated to the extraction, characterization and separation of substances of interest from biomass or by bacterial process.
  • Chemical laboratories dedicated to the chemical modification of additives and incorporation of biobased additives in materials and coatings.
  • State-of-the-art equipment in terms of biological, chemical and physicochemical characterization.
  • Climatic chambers enabling numerous tests and biological trials to be carried out under controlled conditions (temperature, humidity, light, etc.), on cell suspensions or seedlings.