Culture of micro-organisms

Bioprocesses have become increasingly popular over the years with the increase in environmental considerations. These techniques involving living organisms or their constituents are often used to produce biobased molecules or, on the contrary, to degrade unwanted products such as pollutants (bioremediation).

In order to improve the yield of these biological processes, it is necessary to carefully select species and organisms but also to optimize the processes according to the molecule produced or the products to be degraded. This is how bioprocesses can then become competitive.

Our strengths:

  • Materia Nova, as part of a circular economy approach, seeks to use non-valued resources to produce molecules of interest.
  • The biotechnology laboratory offers bioprocesses using bacteria, plants, plant cells, fungi or algae to produce biomolecules or to develop depollution solutions. In particular, the laboratory has a large library of bacterial strains (pathogenic, non-pathogenic or isolated from the environment), of which the culture is controlled.
  • We support you in the identification, extraction, fractionation and development of applications for molecules with high added value.