In order to meet the aseptic needs of various sectors, particularly the health and food sectors, Materia Nova offers equipment sterilization techniques that complement antibacterial materials and surface treatments. Both approaches are essential in order to achieve the required aseptizing level and meet the hospital needs.

Our strengths :

  • Plasma is one of the technologies used for selectively and environmentally friendly modifying the material properties and thus avoiding the need for chemical (pre-)treatment of surfaces.
  • Thanks to its expertise in microbiology and in particular in pathogenic bacteria, Materia Nova can foster the development in terms of sterilization and disinfection treatments.
  • Materia Nova's expertise was notably used during the COVID 19 epidemic to implement alternative sterilization techniques to compensate for the lack of masks to protect healthcare workers. Materia Nova has therefore proposed a plasma disinfection technique enabling medical masks to be sterilized in 30 minutes. This was of major interest as the device is small and can therefore be easily carried within hospitals. The effect of this treatment has been successfully tested using an antimicrobial test adapted to medical masks.

Our sectors of application for this solution