ACTIPOLY ; Emballage

The term antimicrobial is used here to describe the inhibitory effects of a coating on bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Materia Nova supports you in the development of anti-microbial solutions from the choice of the anti- microbial agent, its implementation, its integration into a material or coating and the validation of its anti-microbial properties.

Our strengths

  • A multidisciplinary approach combining expertise in materials, coatings and biotechnology to combine antimicrobial molecules and test their effectiveness within the same company. Depending on the targeted application and the pre-existing processes, the most appropriate technology(ies) will be proposed.
  • A class 2 laboratory for evaluating the performance of anti-microbial surfaces (bacteria, viruses and fungi) based on protocols and standards: EN ISO 20743:2013, ISO 846:2019, ASTM E2149, ISO 22196:2011. Materia Nova also offers tests adapted to the specific needs of the customer.