Air pollution, both indoor and outdoor, is a major environmental health problem affecting both developed and developing countries. This pollution causes respiratory discomfort and diseases, strokes and heart diseases.

Materia Nova is active in the development of materials and coatings that allow the degradation of pollutants in the air. Materia Nova's expertise in this field is based on 4 technologies:

Our strengths

  • Photocatalysis under UV or Visible radiation.
  • Catalysis at room temperature using metallic particles (nanometric range) that can be immobilized on different supports.
  • Plasma technologies to destroy gaseous pollutants.
  • Use of biomolecules (enzymes, bacteria, etc.) specific to the pollutant to be degraded and encapsulated in matrices (sol-gels, latex, etc.).

Our projects for this solution

Our sectors of application for this solution