• Start of the project : 01-06-15
  • End of project : 31-05-18


The REFORGAS project proposes a new way of producing high added value molecules from biogas (CO2/CH4 mixture). The approach combines plasma technology and chemical catalysis.

The use of plasma makes it possible to be powered exclusively by intermittent green electricity. Through this original process, the biogas generated from the waste can be converted into high added value molecules such as acrylic acid at a lower energy cost. The acrylic acid is then transformed into polymers used in the manufacture of various objects. The CO2 contained in the biogas is thus immobilized in the plastics we use every day.

This makes REFORGAS a potential solution to combat greenhouse gas emissions and therefore global warming, but above all a way of contributing to sustainable chemistry.


Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

Within the consortium, Materia Nova is responsible for the development and construction of the microwave plasma reactor combined with catalysis and the material and energy balance of the process. "Proof of concept" of the possibility of transforming biogas into molecules with higher added value such as acetylene or ethylene. Materia Nova also provides assistance in carrying out XRD, TEM and Raman spectroscopy measurements.

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