• Start of the project: 01/12/2022
  • Start of the project: 31/05/2027


HYBRID PLASMALYSIS technology, which consists of dividing the methane molecule into its components (hydrogen and solid carbon), is considered the new generation of plasma pyrolysis and an economical alternative to electrolysis.This new process has been tested and validated in the laboratory and is the subject of at least one patent application (Materia Nova).It expands the possibilities for using different sources of methane, allows the quality of hydrogen and co-products to be adjusted as needed and requires significantly less energy than electrolysis.The solid forms of carbon produced during the production of hydrogen by HYBRID PLASMALYSIS are produced without intrinsic CO2 emissions.Unlike conventional processes, this process makes it possible to obtain carbon blacks meeting European environmental requirements (DNSH).The use of solid carbon will make our hydrogen production competitive.The use and development of activities around local resources, whether firedamp (mine gas) or biogas, constitute a great opportunity for the economic development of Wallonia.In addition, avoiding diffuse emissions of firedamp from old Walloon coal mines is a very good thing for the environment, because they are polluted with methane, a greenhouse gas 30 times more powerful than CO2 (GIIEC 2021- period of 100 years).Aware that the prospects for success are based on the increasing maturity of the production technologies of this Walloon project, HECO2 PLASMALYSE HYBRIDE aims to increase the maturity of this new hydrogen production process from TRL 3-4 to TRL 7-8, supportingthus the development of a local hydrogen sector and the creation of a “Low-CO2 Valley” development zone.

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