LOCOTED ; Composés


  • Start of the project : 01-01-16
  • End of project : 30-06-21


LOCOTED’s objective is to identify the best performing compounds from a new class of thermoelectric materials and to integrate them as a coating within a new type of low-cost thermoelectric converter that converts into electricity the thermal energy rejected at the cold source of industrial installations.

Applications: thermoelectric conversion, recovery of degraded or diluted heat, power supply of remote electronic devices.

Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

Materia Nova’s contribution lies in the architecture of the devices (dielectric layer and bus bars).

Main contribution expected:

  • Development of a deposition machine (innovative Spray Pyrolysis)
  • Physico-chemical characterizations, contribution to the implementation of demonstrators (dielectric films/thermal conductivity, metal bar buss/electrodes)

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